Short Talks about Parallelism

Edinburgh Centre for Doctoral Training in Pervasive Parallelism
Talks by Industrial Partners and PhD Students

There is a kickoff event tomorrow for our local Pervasive Parallelism research centre, with a day of talks and in particular a series of short presentations by industrial and academic researchers.

Some of these will be about programming, and I expect all will be interesting. See below for the list of short-talk speakers. These include, for example, Paul Keir from Codeplay Software in Edinburgh who designs GPU compilers, and Tim Harris who was one of the popularizers of language support for software transactional memory and lock-free datastructures.

Students are welcome, and you can register online with EventBrite. I’ve also spoken to the organisers, and if you just want to hear couple of the talks then there is no need to register for the day — just drop in to G.07 in the Forum while it’s happening.

Links:Registration; Doctoral Training opportunities in Pervasive Parallelism

Talk Timetables

Schedule for Short Talks Revised
Short Talks
CDT PPar Kick-off Agenda
Agenda for the Day

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