Guest Lecture: Maria Gorinova

Probabilistic Programming:What is it and how to improve it? Maria Gorinova 3–4pm Tuesday 29 NovemberDrummond LibraryG.10 GeosciencesProbabilistic programming languages and frameworks, such as Infer.NET, attempt to unify general purpose programming with probabilistic modelling, in order to introduce a more abstract and powerful way of applying probabilistic models to real-world problems. This approach is becoming especially … Continue reading Guest Lecture: Maria Gorinova

PL News

I'm going to count this as course-relevant news. Barack Obama has announced this year's recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Two of those recognised are for their work on advancing computer science: Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton. Bill and Melinda Gates are in there, too, but that's for the philanthropic work of the Gates … Continue reading PL News

Guest Lecture: Andrew Kennedy

The Hack Programming Language:Types for PHP Andrew Kennedy 3–4pm Friday 18 NovemberGaddum Lecture Theatre G.81 George Square Facebook’s main website, ads platform, and much of its internal tooling is implemented in PHP, a language not known for elegance or best practice in programming language design. (See, for example.) Over the last three years Facebook … Continue reading Guest Lecture: Andrew Kennedy