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Lectures are at 15.10–16.00 Tuesdays and Fridays throughout Semester 1, at 7 Bristo Square in Lecture Theatre 5. You are strongly advised to attend all lectures: if for any reason you miss one, please email the lecturer.

Links: 7 Bristo Square (Map), Lecture Theatre 5

Lecture Log

Each link leads to a description of the lecture, downloadable slides, and further references.

  1. What’s So Important About Language?
  2. Concurrency
  3. Concurrency Abstractions
  4. Coursework Assignment Topics; Sheet with citation examples
  5. Other Programming-Language Approaches to Concurrency
  6. Cautionary Tales in Concurrency
  7. Using SQL from Java
  8. Bridging Query and Programming Languages
  9. Heterogeneous Metaprogramming in F#
  10. Specification and Verification
  11. Guest Lecture: Edwin Brady on Programming with Dependent Types in Idris
  12. Practical Tools for Java Correctness
  13. Certifying Correctness
  14. Terms and Types
  15. Guest Lecture: Bob Atkey on Static Analysis for Java Concurrency with ThreadSafe
  16. Parameterized Types and Polymorphism
  17. Higher Polymorphism
  18. Dependent Types